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What is visualization and how does it work?

Sometimes I am upset about my day or try to channel my anger out on the exercises, is that healthy or is there a better way?

What are some things an average person can do to feel comfortable going to the gym for the first time?

How important is the environment I exercise in?

There have been times where I have accidently picked up a heavy weight thinking it was a light one and did my exercise all the way through until the end without noticing? Is that an indication that I am mentally holding myself back during a normal exercise?

What is the importance of actually setting a goal?

Should I mentally rehearse the exercise before I start it? How can that help?

I have heard that instead of focusing on lifting the weight, it’s better to try not focusing on anything?

What are some of the things I can do to motivate myself to go past that comfort zone enough to have the highest gains?