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What is visualization and how does it work?
Visualization allows for clarity and can help you move past self-limiting beliefs. See, the mind doesn’t know the difference between a visceral action and a thought, in the mind, both are the same. So if we can take a moment to close our eyes and visualize a desired outcome, actually feel it, see it, believe it, your nervous system will act accordingly.

About The Author

Douglas Zimmerman is board certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. His certifications were attained through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and he is certified in Sport’s Hypnosis through The National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association. Additionally Douglas is certified through Apex, the leader in nutritional academia. He currently is a Big Brother in the Big Brother, Big Sister foundation. Douglas is also active in charitable events including; raising money for the homeless, UPARC fundraisers, and green events. Read More »

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