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I have heard that instead of focusing on lifting the weight, it’s better to try not focusing on anything?

Thomas Stinson

Does this work? This only works when in a sitting meditation, not training. Its very important to execute movement with intent, not just go through a range of motion, this accomplishes nothing, often leading to injury.

What’s best is to focus on the the muscles that are being worked.

For beginners, focus on proper breath and postural techniques and then, after those have been automatized, bring the attention back to the targeted muscles.

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Douglas Zimmerman is board certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist. His certifications were attained through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and he is certified in Sport’s Hypnosis through The National Exercise & Sports Trainer Association. Additionally Douglas is certified through Apex, the leader in nutritional academia. He currently is a Big Brother in the Big Brother, Big Sister foundation. Douglas is also active in charitable events including; raising money for the homeless, UPARC fundraisers, and green events. Read More »

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