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Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Looking for an employee health program or corporate wellness program in Tampa, FL? There are over 350,000 people with over 40,000 businesses in the Tampa Bay area. The average state of health in working men and women has decreased since 1960 by about 30%.  Healthy employees work harder, smarter and cost less.

It costs less to keep workers healthy than it does to pay medical costs. Medical costs alone can eat up more than half of corporate profits.

In addition to seeing the return on investment (ROI) on the faces of employees, clients are seeing it in the bottom line.

Douglas has advanced experience in partnering up with company clients to deliver a full range of corporate health and wellness programs, services and resources. From regional Tampa businesses to international Fortune 500 corporations, his wellness plans are designed and customized to meet the wellness goals of employers and their employees.

Art & Science Of Corporate Wellness Programs

There is science and art in the programming for corporate wellness. The ‘science’ combines research findings, behavioral change theory, and best practices to support the principle that healthier lifestyles can reduce risks, produce positive outcomes, and help severely reduce costs for employee health care. The ‘art’ is in the design and customization of the corporate health and wellness programs, services, educational messages, marketing, and communication materials to fit the unique needs and learning styles of individuals within a client corporation.

Douglas’s corporate wellness values are aligned with proactive corporations in that the mission is to increase employee moral, lower health care costs and improve productivity while residually increasing the bottom line.

Douglas ZimmermanStarting as a well known personal trainer in Tampa, Douglas has been named a highly-acclaimed powerhouse model by Big Tampa Magazine.

From training world health professionals, to UFC Fighting Champions and Celebrities. His chiseled physique has been the focus of almost every major fitness magazine in circulation including cover model for Men’s Workout, Men’s Exercise, Olympian News, Gold’s Gym ad campaigns, and the list keeps going. He is also the personal trainer to celebrities across the globe.

“Throughout my career, I have realized that there is a certain kind of connection needed to help people to understand that they can live a better life. I have utilized my ability by helping many of my clients lead a better life and that is something that I will continue to stand by throughout the rest of my future career. From adults facing diabetes, to young children with hypothyroidism, my mission will always be to help people have a better quality of life.” – ‘Douglas Zimmerman’

About Corporate Health & Wellness in Tampa

There is a major problem with the health of corporations in Tampa and around the world. Research has shown that a large portion of corporation’s profits are being eaten up through the increase of health and medical care costs.

Douglas’s health care programs are here to provide solutions to this serious problem. Saving up to 50% of your company’s profits!

To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha

Health Care Statistics In The Workplace

Let’s take a quick look at these staggering examples…

  • Worldwide, over 2.3 Trillion dollars that are being spent every year on health care costs.
  • Waste Management Inc. found that introducing a stress reduction program alone saved between $3,500.-
    $15,000, per participant, per year… in health care claims
  • Northern Gas found that when utilizing an exercise program they used 80% less sick days annually
  • NASA found a 12.5% increase in productivity by simply adding team-building programs
  • Johnson and Johnson was given a health care intervention plan and saved $1 million dollars in profits
    alone over a four year period.

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