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Meet Douglas

World's Best Celebrity Trainer

Dougles travels around the world to teach, educate and inspire people to live out the healthiest version of themselves.

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Body By Douglas
Body By Douglas

"My main objective is a simple one, to provide a better quality of life for each individual that I come into contact with. I want to inspire clients and friends alike to return to their Divine roots. With the acceptance of our innate heritage we begin to realize our ability to create miracles."

Body By Douglas

Training Locations

  • Paris
  • Zurich
  • London
  • Tokyo
  • New York
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Moscow
  • Amsterdam
  • Stockholm
  • USA

Douglas' Transformations More Transformations

Success Story #1

"When I first started my fitness journey with Douglas, my intention was simply to lose weight and feel better about myself. As my journey unfolded, he helped me rediscover my strength and become better aware of the benefits and actions necessary for a healthier lifestyle as a whole. Not only did he assist me in achieving my fitness goals, but he also encouraged me to see beyond my potential.

I was able to break through limitations I had put on myself and exceed my own expectations. Through my transformation, he helped me make significant and positive changes beyond my physical strength and appearance. I'm extremely grateful for all of the tools and positive influence Douglas has had on my life spiritually, physically, and mentally."

Success Story #2

"The several years that I've lived in Tampa, I trained with Douglas twice a week to and took his life development lessons seriously.

Douglas made sure that we did safe, effective exercises that targeted my ultimate goal. I had a very hectic schedule, but I made sure to stick to my appointments and I am so glad I did, in just about 90 days I got to a spot that was past where I even thought I could be."

Success Story #3

"Douglas embodies powerful change. Through consistent and positive feedback and encouragement, in a short time, I gained the confidence to walk into any fitness center and lift weights...facing the mirror and not being self conscience about my belly fat.

Douglas instilled confidence back into my life. Thank you Douglas!

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There is a special joy associated with playing a major role in helping others improve their quality of life

Douglas has been fortunate enough to travel around the world and work with a variety of individuals and help them to create a clear path to their and wellness goals.

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